Imma Middle Eastern Bakery & Café



The Imma Israeli Restaurant sits on a quiet corner near Heti Park in the San Min District. Imma is a branch of the very popular Imma restaurant/bakery located in Tainan City.
Imma is located near Heti park and the intersection of Yucheng/Heti Roads. It is actually just east of Heti Road behind a small park. It is on Ming Xian Street.

The address is Ming Xian Street, #86, San Min District 高雄市三民區明賢街86號
Phone: 07-359-1976 (closed Tuesdays) Reservations HIGHLY recommended for both lunch and dinner.

The interior of Imma is done comfortable, modern, and classy. There is lots of light on the first floor and the wood tones give a nice feeling.
The name Imma comes from the Hebrew word for mother. Three Israelis and a Taiwanese run the place, importing baking expertise from the Mediterranean. Despite their origin, however, Imma is more of a European bakery than a Jewish one.


Imma has done a nice job of bringing in a bit of Middle East design feel. There is an assortment of wine to buy from.
The 2nd floor has more tables with lots of color and Middle East art. The food is of course fabulous. The falafel plate can’t beat in the entire city of Kaohsiung. There is a slider plate and you can choose from vegetarian to beef, chicken, and lamb. The Shakshusha is a pan simmered saucy dish and you can choose the meat or all vegetables. It comes with a fresh pita, some spreads, including daily made cheese. It’s a taste explosion. Image Map